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National Poetry Month – Ode To My Socks by Pablo Neruda

A visit to our local library today, led me to do something which I hadn’t done before. Read a poem with the kids!

Don’t get me wrong here, poems I have read with them, but those have been the ones you read to toddlers.

So, it started like this. In the kids section, both my boys got to pick poems from a basket. Turns out, without knowing, both picked poems related to animals, dog and a cat. The coincidence doesn’t end there, they picked poems by the same author, Marilyn Singer.

Both the poems were in free verse , just apt for my boys. One talks about a dog in April, the other about a cat in December. Turns out today was one such day here. Though it was an April day, it snowed and was cold enough to be passed on as an early December day! Sigh… life in Midwest.

When we got home, I decided to read to my boys to one Pablo Neruda’s works. Continue reading