This diverse world

Every year our family of 4 travels to India to meet our extended family and we spend about a month there. So, my elementary school going boys have been exposed to 2 different cultures extensively. We have also travelled to a few more countries and they have noticed, talked about and compared the difference in food, homes, appearances and lifestyles. But there is so much more to explore, so much more to learn in this diverse world!

One of the many boons of internet and access to books/local libraries is that we can learn about different countries  and its culture sitting at home. And this is exactly what we plan to do in the coming weeks.

My last post has the timeline that I plan to follow.

Here are a few sites/links that I have searched that will help in making a start to this learning process.

Culture Crossing provides country specific information about the languages spoken, type of government, major religions, ethnic groups, communication style, dress, gestures used etc.

Kids World Travel Guide is a great website with information about countries and more.

Scholastic Global Trek is another site where the kids can read about countries, its background, take guided tours and meet the people.

This article by TIME has 27 pictures depicting everything that an average family consumes in a given week and what it costs.

Everything you own in a photo – all kids must be made to watch this.  And be reminded of these pictures the next time they say they ‘NEED’ something!

Where children sleep – The Telegraph shows images of children’s bedrooms from around the world.

Portraits of people from around the world by Eric Lafforga.

The Boston Globe had this slide show of 35 pictures of people.  ‘The photographs are often simple and show daily life in many places that we might not be able to experience in any other way except through those photographers’ documentation. The images themselves are somewhat universal – they show us where people live and how people live, sometimes not so differently than we do ourselves.’

Getting around town – slide show of transportation pictures.

What Classrooms look like around the world.

Anyone curious about baby’s first foods from around the world? Click here.

Infographic of Weddings around the world.

Most popular sport in every country (map)

Where people speak what language (map)

Children going to school around the world

Exams around the world.

Next I will be posting links to books.

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