Five Field Kono – Abstract Strategy Game from Korea

Ever since we discovered this game, the boys have played it everyday. My older son has beat me a few times already!

Note to myself: Practice more when he is asleep!

Five Field Kono is an abstract strategy game from Korea. It is played along the same lines as Chinese Checkers.

It is of unknown history but in 1895 American ethnographer Stewart Culin mentioned about it in his book. The game’s Korean name is o-pat-ko-no.

Number of Players : 2

Things needed : 14 markers ( 7 each of 2 colors)

Game board, which is a 5 point by 5 point array. You can make it yourself or download for Free here -> FIVE FIELD KONO

Objective :  To win a player must move all their 7 markers across the board and onto their opponent’s starting position. The first one to do so wins!

Rules : As shown in the picture above, the board is set out with each player having five pieces on the points of his back row and the other two directly in front on the left and right edge of the board. These points are the Red and Blue circles in the picture above.

Players decide who begins the game by the roll of a die or whoever volunteers.

Players take turns and move 1 marker at a time diagonally along the lines and onto an empty intersection.

The markers occupy the points (represented in black in the picture above).

Markers can only move diagonally forward or backward

No marker can jump over another.

There are no captures in the game, but players can block the path of opponent’s markers.

Whoever occupies his opponent’s initial 7 positions is the winner!

If neither player can get past the other, then they can both agree the game as drawn.

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