Stories For Boys Who Dare To Be Different – Book Review

Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different: True Tales of Amazing Boys Who Changed the World without Killing Dragons

Author: Ben Brooks                            Illustrator: Quinton Winter

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” – Oscar Wilde

This book is about 77 inspiration boys/men who looked out for the stars!

As the book states, it is “an inspirational collection of famous and not so famous men from the past to the present day, who went on to make the world a better place through compassion, generosity and self-belief.”

These are men, who have changed the world for the better, in their own quiet way. And they have done so by not following the stereotypical path, but carving out their own.

These are men, who have defied the toxic masculinity, have not shied away from hiding their emotions.

These are men, who through their stories also tell the kids its ok to go against the grain, to not succumb to peer pressure.

And that is a lesson boys (as well as girls) need to learn.

Ben Brooks’ biographies are very inclusive, it has men from across the globe, culture and social class. It has stories about several famous men we have heard of like Gandhi, Bill Gates, Obama, Nelson Mandela and Lionel Messi. But then, it also has stories about lesser known figures who have done amazing work.

Like Fabio Chavez, who helped the kids from a garbage dump, make and play instruments. These kids now played under the name ‘Cateura Orchestra of Recycled Instruments’. This is a story of creativity and hope.

Stories for Boys who dare to be different –

Curiosity made us search for this group and found an amazing video.

Then, there is this inspirational story of Jaime Escalante. A Bolivia born American educator who transformed the life of students from Garfield High School. He didn’t give up, but patiently taught them. He said to them, “You do not enter the future, you create the future. The future is created through hard work.” The kids from that school came out with flying colors, year after year. This is a story of hard work and perseverance.

Stories for Boys who dare to be different –

Did you know that the word ‘Feminism’ was coined by a man? His name was Charles Fourier. Two hundred year ago Charles saw the women not being treated fairly and equal. He believed in equal opportunity.

Ryan Hreljac is another young hero whose story is told in this book. At a tender age of 6, he became an activist. He learnt at school that people in some parts of Africa struggled to get clean water. Ryan started saving his allowance and fundraising to collect money for digging well for these needy people. Tt started with 1 well, and till date, his charity Ryan’s Well Foundation has helped around a million people. This is a story about empathy.

Stories for Boys who dare to be different –

These are just three examples , there are so many inspiring stories to explore. This is a book worth reading. 

My 10 year old and 7 year old read it on their own, we read a few stories together too. This book also gave us opportunity to talk about struggles, bullying, learning differences, equal rights for LGBTQ and acceptance.

The illustrations for each story embody the spirit of every boy/man. There is quirkiness in some, simplicity in others. Quinton Winter has found a new fan here.

Kids need heroes to look up to, to inspire them. And this book does just that, it will inspire them to follow their dream. Go kids … Reach for the stars!

 This book is Eduventure Chronicles approved! 👍


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