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Five Field Kono – Abstract Strategy Game from Korea

Ever since we discovered this game, the boys have played it everyday. My older son has beat me a few times already!

Note to myself: Practice more when he is asleep!

Five Field Kono is an abstract strategy game from Korea. It is played along the same lines as Chinese Checkers.

It is of unknown history but in 1895 American ethnographer Stewart Culin mentioned about it in his book. The game’s Korean name is o-pat-ko-no.

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My Name Is Yoon: Book Review

My name Is Yoon by Helen Recorvits

This is the first book we read this week. The story is about a Korean family that emigrates to the United States. It is a well rendered picture book about Yoon, the daughter of the family, who is having adjustment issues in her new home country.

Yoon, in the beginning, does not find much similarity between United States and Korea. This is particularly true for her school life. She loves to write her name in Korean, like all Korean names her name too has a meaning. Her name Yoon means ‘shining wisdom’.  Despite her father’s assurances that her name still holds the same meaning , even when written in English, she has her doubts. She also finds her name written in English just a series of sticks and circles, whereas in Korean, “the Symbols dance together”. Everyday at school she learns a new English word and makes that her new name. So one day she is “Cat’ , another day she is ” Bird” and yet another day its “Cupcake”! This girl sure has wild imagination.

She quickly recognizes concern and friendship offered by the patient teacher and classmates. She starts liking her school  and feels United States can be her home like Korea.

And she is back to calling herself “Yoon” again as it still means “Shining Wisdom”.

This book is good for a kid reading at K-2 level, but my kids enjoyed it too. The text is easy to understand , the illustrations are beautiful, and the message is clear. Like my older said ” Being different is not something bad, one should embrace it and be proud of it.”

Multicultural Books Week 1: Asia


안녕  Annyeong (Korean),

ආයුඛෝවන්  Ayubuvan (Sinhalese),

سَلام Salam (Persian),

नमस्ते Namaste (Hindi),

Ni Hao (Mandarin).

These are the languages the characters, of the books that we plan to read this week, speak.

Here is the lists that we will be following:

This diverse world : ASIA

This diverse world : ASIA

this diverse world asia



Given below is a list of books with Asian characters. I have tried to include books which would give a glimpse into Asian cultural background (which is quite varied in itself).

Please use your own discretion when selecting the book for your  kid/family.

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