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Zenobia: Book Review


Author: Morten Durr

Illustrator: Lars Horneman

 Zenobia is a beautiful, but heart-breaking story about a Syrian girl Amina. The book talks about the plight of refugees and people whose lives are torn apart by the war.



Amina is a young Syrian girl who lives with her parents in the midst of Syrian crisis. One day, Amina’s parents leave her home alone, while they travel to the market. But after much waiting, when they fail to return, she with her Uncle’s help sets on a journey to a safer place.

Amina sets out in a crammed boat. The boat capsizes, and Amina is thrown into the vast sea. While in the water, she seems to be calm and remembers the happy times with her parents.  Her playing hide and seek with her mom, the dolmas they ate as a family. She remembers her mother talking about Zenobia, an ancient Syrian warrior Queen.

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